A downloadable game for Windows

The purpose of this game project that I am doing on my onw, is about making a rogue-like shooter that will share a lot of similarities with NuclearThrone.

In nutshell the end product is aimed to become: a fast paced, arcadelike, topdown, bullethell, roguelike, shooter added to multiple endings, an infinite loop run postgame, the possibility to fuse multiple weapons together and many more...

What there is now:

-3 playable characters

-3 zones

-a local coop mode

-a testroom.

What will be added:

-a soundtrack

-weapon fusion mechanic

-mutatio-err...I mean perks.

- more zones, enemys, boss...


keyboard and controler compatible

-Left click and L2: Select and Attack

-Right click and R2: Undo and Special move

-Mouse wheel and L1,R1 : Select Special move

-E and Y button : grab weapon or revive other player

-space and X button: swap weapon

Install instructions

Just unzip the file and it's done !


NetherEscape V1.1.zip 2 MB

Development log


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Thank you for your reply.
In truth this game is just barely in alpha.
It also is made unbalanced in the purpose of testing the new and future features it will receive.
I'm also planing to add a delay between attacks and add more juiciness to each action done by the player, so stay hyped for future releases.

Well its not that bad really. Its nothing absolutely awesome but is also nothing really harmless. Somewhat boring i guess, like you can just spam the attack button (theres no delay between attacks) and deflect all the projectiles with the starting weapon but still. I had a slight feeling that you didnt test it too much, believe me i too always think that everything is perfect but then i discover that everything is actually absolutely terrible, so yeah test it a bit more i guess. (Also the cursor can get covered under the walls so heres that).

Hi everyone !

The update is here, now you can choose between ZQSD and WASD controls in the option menu !

Don't worry about that, it's going to be fixed in the new update.

The controls were only adapted for french keyboard.

Good to know.

Youre certainly dont give me much hope when i start the game, start the run, and discover that the "W" and "A" keys dont work (yes its the game i tried it on 2 PCs but up and left buttons still dont work). Also i bit of sounds would make the game feel a bit better, theres a tool named sfxr, with it you can quickly make up some basic sounds to place in the game.